How long a commitment do I have to make?

Our agreement is renewable monthly. As long as you are happy, we are glad to have you as our customer!

What kind of training does RoundAbout support?

RoundAbout supports classroom learning, eLearning, and blended learning.

How does RoundAbout accommodate testing?

RoundAbout accommodates quizzes and tests, graded assessments as well as ungraded knowledge checks. All assessments self-correct and provide feedback to the student. 

Does RoundAbout offer course evaluations?

Yes. You may customize evaluation forms.  RoundAbout tallies the results and archives the evaluations to meet any compliance requirements that you or your students may have.

Can a student see their "file"?

Yes. Each student has a secure Student Center account accessible via a user name and password. The student sees a list of all courses completed, courses in progress, and future registrations. In addition, the student can reprint any completion certificates that he might have misplaced! 

What formats may be included in online learning?

RoundAbout supports video, text, images and hyperlinks.  For examples, you may create a lesson that requires the students to read a document, reference an external website, complete a math problem, and take a graded quiz.

Are training and support available for me and my staff?

Yes, at no charge! We will either visit you in person or meet with you virtually via Skype or GoToMeeting.

Is there a way to offer classes to other providers to increase my audience?

Yes. RoundAbout supports syndication so you may offer your classes to other education providers and vice versa.

If I discontinue using RoundAbout, what happens to my electronic records?

You may save, backup and/or export all of your data at any time.