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Pages for Real Estate Schools

Some real estate education professionals aren’t taking full advantage of technology and social media in their marketing efforts. If your a real estate school that still doesn’t have an online presence you’re missing out on opportunities to connect and interact with current and future students. Facebook is a big part of internet marketing and creating an online presence/community! Here are a few reasons you should think about creating a Facebook Page for your real estate school!



I Want to Facilitate the Discussion

 When it’s time to stop presenting and start facilitating the discussion, linear tools like PowerPoint just won’t do.  You need a way to enhance  the discussion without impeding it.  Try Prezi. http://prezi.com/index



Online Classes

Many real estate schools still don’t offer online courses. Some would like to but don’t know where to begin.
Using an learning management software is the best way to go and has tons of benefits! Here are a few:

- Students can register online through your website.
- You can deliver training and information online.
- You can be teaching an unlimited number of students in endless locations at once
- Track course attendance
- Administer tests and quizzes online.




Live vs Distance Learning, Which is Best?

Old tried and true or new and cutting edge?  There are a number of things to consider:  Do I enjoy being in front of the students or would I like to be on a bigger stage using distance technology?  Do I have the equipment to produce distance learning? vs. Do I have the facilities to present live. Can I make more money one way or the other?



I Can’t Explain It…

Sometimes words just aren’t enough.  If you were in a live classroom you’d draw it on the board.  But you’re not.  You’re presenting in a non-synchronous distance format and a video of what you draw isn’t the look you want.  Try VideoScribe. http://www.videoscribe.co.



A Case For Real Estate eBooks –  How Did the Textbook Go Extinct?

I recently came across this blog entry:  How Did the Textbook Go Extinct?
The blog entry addresses the fact that textbooks are not ‘real time’. Information, real estate laws, rules and regulations are constantly changing. Buy the time a textbook is printed, there is a good chance some of the information is already outdated.
We’re not living in the dark ages anymore, eBook technology is growing it’s time for the Real Estate Industry to catch up!