Tour: Schedule and Track Classroom Training

Schedule and Track Classroom Training


Enter your live classroom training events into Roundabout, and the system virtually does all the rest! Based on the information you enter, the class can be automatically added to your website, placed on an online calendar, and opened for student registrations.  

Dynamic web page creation

When you add a class, a web page is automatically created with all of the details and a link for students to register online.

Students self-register and pay online

Just like your online courses, students can self-register and pay online for live training events. 

Build and manage waiting lists

Optionally set a maximum class size and once that attendance is reached, Roundabout will automatically update your website and offer students the opportunity to register for a waiting list. If spots become available, students can be moved from the waiting list to the active list with just one click and automatically notified that they've been accepted. 

Track attendance and grades

If your events require sign-in or attendance tracking, Roundabout will automatically generate a printable roster and signin sheet.